CaR Regla y Compas

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Create and animate geometric figures


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CaR Regla y Compás is the perfect application for an academic environment to allow students to put everything they have learned in geometry class into practice.

With a multitude of drawing tools: segments, straight lines, diagonals, circles, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, polygons, and many more.

You can use the app to make all types of shapes and geometric forms, from simple perpendicular lines to more complicated forms, like 3D projections, representations of numerical functions, etc.

The program also allows you to see the numerical values of the drawings, their position in the x,y plane, the dimensions of the occupied area, the lengths of the segments and lines, and so on.

Without doubt, the most interesting thing about this program is the chance to create attractive animations with your geometric shapes. Another great feature is being able to review step by step the constructions you have already created

NB: CaR Regla y Compas requires Java RunTime Environment 1.4